Sunday, August 16, 2009

30 weeks/Cooper Mountain Nature Park

Today was a lazy Sunday for sure! Chris and I spent some much needed time just relaxing together! We slept in, spent some time with the neighbors, went to Costco, took a nap then went for a lovely little hike/walk at the new Cooper Mountain Nature Park! It is so nice! We are so lucky to have it so close to our house. The park has 3 miles worth of trails and gorgeous views! We can't wait to take NJ there in her off road BOB stroller next spring!

How far along? 30 weeks!!! 3/4 of the way there!
Maternity clothes? biting the bullet, pretty much everything is maternity clothes now. Bring on the shopping!
Stretch marks? nada!
Sleep: still sleeping very well! Getting used to this nights to days thing
Best moment this week: Had my first baby shower this week hosted by my BFF Kari and her mom Fay.
Movement: she is always moving! The crazy thing is that while I'm working all night, she's up all night wiggling around, I wonder if she moves that much while I'm sleeping?
Food cravings:Fajita Salad aka hot meat and lettuce. lol
Gender: I hope she's still a girl, she's got a LOT of pink clothes :)
Labor Signs: couple of contractions....nothing to get excited about
Belly Button in or out? still a halfie
What I miss: lots of things. 10 more weeks :))
What I am looking forward to: ordering nursery furniture this weekend and going to the lake on Tuesday maybe!
Milestones: All of the baby books say her brain is starting to get all wrinkly! Increasing the surface area of her brain, making her even smarter!!



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