Monday, November 17, 2008

The Wall and The Pan

Last week was a rough one for these Slowiks as we met our match: the wall and the pan.

On early Monday morning, the 10th, I got up to use the restroom at 6am and decided against turning on the light in the bathroom since my eyes are horrible at adjusting from full light to none at all. Apparently I was a little too confident with my walking skills, especially with my walking in the dark skills, and as I was preparing to exit the bathroom (with my hands out in front of me to feel for obstacles) I apparently missed a huge obstacle and ran my face right into the door jam. Here's a picture of the door jam in our bathroom.

And here's a picture of my face after the incident (note the swollen purple upper bridge of my nose).

So the door jam proved to be Chris' downfall.


Fast-forward to that Tuesday evening, the 12th, when we had our neighbors Dave, Flavia, and their daughter Viva over for dinner. Trista was cooking Chicken with White Wine Sauce Pasta for the occasion. After cooking the chicken in the skillet in the oven, she grabbed the pan's handle without a pot holder on accident. Our pans have metal handles that get very hot when left in a 400 degree oven, go figure. Here's a picture of the pan.

And here's a picture of Trista's poor hand after not getting any sleep that night.

So the pan proved to be Trista's downfall.




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