Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our baby is 2 weeks old!

Norah had her 2 week checkup today! Here's her stats...
Height: 21.5in
Weight: 8lb 13oz!
Overall health: Fab!
The doctor said she is doing great, not even a touch of jaundice and that she seems happy and healthy except one little thing...she has gained weight excessively! Our little or, not so little girl gained 12 oz in 10 days! I was afraid she wasn't gaining enough because she spits up A LOT every time she eats, but it turns out I am just a cow....literally. I produce too much milk for her. The pediatrician said I could probably successfully exclusively breastfeed triplets! Time to scale back the feedings just a bit! She's not the happiest about it but she is already spitting up less. Our washing machine is thankful for the much needed break! I haven't even had to do one load of laundry today!
Here she is after her appointment :)

Auntie Katie organized a nieces get together tonight, she and David came over for dinner along with her new niece Lana and her parents Amy and Danny. Amy and I were in the same pregnancy fitness class so NJ and Lana have been friends longer than they think :)

Norah also had a playdate with our neighbors Ryan and Allison's son Roman. He is 6 days older than NJ but was supposed to be 3 1/2 weeks younger! He came early! Allison was also in the same swim class as Amy and I!

Chris' coworker Elliott and his wife Leigh brought their one year old daughter Iris over for a play date......she is learning to gently touch babies, not smack them! It was cute to see her try and interact with Norah. They are almost exactly a year apart!

This is pretty much what I do all day.......just stare at her. She is amazing and we love her so so much!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Is it possible to have too much free time with a new baby in the house???

The answer is somehow yes. Maybe too much extra time isn't the issue as much as too much extra diapers!! When faced with the dilemma of what to do with a large overstock of diapers many ideas can rush through your head and for some reason this was my best possible answer. I'll let the picture do the talking.

We love Diego for his willingness to participate and for being such a good sport. Trista had NOTHING to do with this.


Happy 30th Birthday Chris!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday my love! I am so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man. You are amazing in so many ways and I love you so much!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

and then there were 3!

I think the word is out that our little bundle of joy has arrived.....almost 2 weeks early! We love her to pieces and are so happy! Stats: 8lbs 4oz 21in born 10/15 at 1:51am. As I'm sure most of you can imagine, we are strapped for time so a more thorough blog post is on it's way. Here are a few pics of our baby Norah Jane who is one week old today!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Picture Post!

Nursery! It's almost done. The crib is full of blankets, breastfeeding pillows, clothes that need to be washed and random other stuff, the curtains still need to be hemmed, the changing pad is on the table now but not in the pics and the walls are still kind of bare

The only picture I have on my cam from the baby shower, but it's a good one! These cupcakes were SO good!

38 weeks!

How far along? 38 weeks, 1 day!!
Maternity clothes? mostly but I can still zip up my favorite hoodie, it looks kind of silly though
Stretch marks? still a lucky girl in this dept, but the last few weeks of pregnancy can be a bugger! Keeping my fingers crossed
Sleep: I slept SO good last night, it was a lovely!
Best moment this week: I got 2 low census days this week and we finished our childbirth classes!
Movement: like crazy
Food cravings: I've been getting up in the middle of the night STARVING! I usually bring a little bowl of cereal upstairs and crunch I guess I'm craving cereal.
Gender: girl!
Labor Signs: Same progress, still with the braxton hicks but they are not annoying or painful. More exciting! All contractions count!
Belly Button in or out? neither, it's flat
What I miss: many many things, but I'm still feeling great, not desperate for her to come out just yet
What I am looking forward to: Delivery I suppose :)
Milestones: Maternity photos are up!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Full Term! 37 weeks!

How far along? 37 weeks and 2 days!
Maternity clothes? mostly :)
Stretch marks? still a lucky girl in this dept, but the last few weeks of pregnancy can be a bugger! Keeping my fingers crossed
Sleep: some nights are better than others...getting up a lot!
Best moment this week: I got a low census day (day off work because there weren't that many patients) and I got all of NJ's laundry done and her diaper bag packed. Also ran all of my last minute errands
Movement: she's a kicker
Food cravings: starting to run out of room for food!
Gender: girl!
Labor Signs: Contractions are continuing and I'm officially 2cm and 75% effaced, -1 station.
Belly Button in or out? neither, it's flat
What I miss: I get winded just standing around sometimes, it's the weirdest thing! I was drawing a kid's blood the other day and all of a sudden I was out of breath and feeling exhausted! I can't wait to not be so wiped out and tired.
What I am looking forward to: dressing NJ in her cute clothes!
Milestones: Well I'm not sure if this is a milestone but we did have a scare this week, but everything is ok! I was walking around a bright red icee spilled on the ground at Target and I slipped on some water spilled on the ground on the other side of the walkway. RIGHT BY THE BABY STUFF! I fell on my belly and couldn't catch myself because my hands were full. It scared me more than it hurt me, I went to LD for monitoring and was having regular contractions (!) but they were not changing my cervix and NJ's heartbeat looked fine, great actually, so they let me go home! Thank goodness! Thanks everyone for all of their prayers :)

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