Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Trista!!!

I have the pleasure of seeing the best mother in action everyday. Norah Jane Slowik has the most loving, caring, thoughtful mother ever (besides her grandmothers, of course). Trista is one of those people who God has always planned on being a mother someday, and that someday came one and a half years ago on October 15th, 2009 when Norah was born and Trista became a mother. I have no doubt that no one loves Norah more than Trista and Norah love no one more than her "ma ma".

Here are some pictures of Norah and Trista over then last year and a half.

...and here's a teaser of the video I made of what Trista missed at the Easter 2011 celebration....


Nina on May 8, 2011 at 2:33 AM said...

These pictures melt my heart!What a beautiful mommy to sweet Norah. I am so proud of Trista!!!!! God has rained His blessing over all of you. I love you dearly. Happy Mother's day to one amazing mom xoxo Proud of you(:

Grandma Patty said...

Beautiful expression of love for your precious, Psalms 31, wife. It's true, she is so in love with her little girl. You are all such a blessing to be around. God certainly brought you two together and look what you've done, created a beautiful, loving family.


Grandma Patty said...

Beautiful tribute to my daughter-in-love who was born to be an excellent Mother.

Anonymous said...

You both are gorgeous! I can't believe I am approaching 1-year with Audrey. Time goes by way too fast.

Love to you and the family and another year of tons of blessings!

When is the next baby coming!? =)

xo britt


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